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Building safe respectful relationships

What are these groups like?

Most groups have 8-12 participants with 2 facilitators who include themselves in group discussions.

The groups are free from judgement, are confidential and have a friendly atmosphere.

Most men and women experience huge relief when they discover that others are facing the same problems and have similar experiences.

Groups, Courses & Programs


  • “At first I was wary, then I realised this was the best thing I had ever done in my life.” MEND Participant.
  • “The most important experiences for me were self growth & self awareness, support and the non-judgemental attitude of both facilitators and othes in the group. Feelings of trust and safety when disclosing about myself.” WEND Participant.
  • “I loved the experience and so did my daughter. So if you’re a male, any male, involved with the care of children, come and join the group and have a discussion of a different kind.”Dad’s And Kids Playgroup participant.