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Building safe respectful relationships

WEND (Women Exploring New Directions)

What is WEND?  WEND is a series of support groups for women to help establish personal safety, develop self-empowerment and build self-esteem. The groups offer women the opportunity to SHARE their experiences, overcome isolation in their lives and learn new and valuable skills.WEND also offers individual phone support for the partners of men attending the MEND program.
Call us on 66 226 116 to see what groups are currently running.

“I appreciated being with other women who were taking positive steps to learn about themselves and improve their situation and relationships” WEND participant

Who is WEND for?

is WEND for me?


Wend is for women who have experienced ANY form of abuse or violence in a current or previous relationship, or from childhood. Abuse can be verbal, emotional, physical, psychological, social or sexual.
WEND is for women who want to create safe respectful relationships for them and their children.
WEND is for women who want to empower themselves, make healthy choices and improve their self esteem.

What Happens in WEND?

We have 3 WEND groups and you may wish to attend just one or all of them. They are:

  • Women exploring anger
  • Boundaries
  • Breaking Free

How do I get into WEND?

When is the next meeting of WEND?

There are no upcoming events at this time.