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Building safe respectful relationships

MEND (Men Exploring New Directions)

What is MEND?  MEND is a group for men who suspect that they are HURTING or FRIGHTENING the people they love and want to stop. Abuse and violence are not just physical. They can also be verbal, emotional, psychological and sexual. It takes COURAGE to discuss these things. However the rewards can be enormous. Your relationships can be caring and respectful. Your time with your partner and children can be FULFILLING and HAPPY.

 “At first I was wary, then I realised this was the best thing I had done in my life” MEND participant

Why Change?

stop violence


Well you could just IGNORE what’s happening and hope that it will go away, or you could CHOOSE to find out how you RELATE to your partner and children.

By STOPPING violent or controlling, unhelpful and abusive  behaviour you can GAIN closeness and intimacy and a BETTER life for you and those you love.

What Happens in MEND?

MEND runs all year, once a week. MEND runs in  15 week cycles. Each group has two facilitators. Sometimes they are both men, sometimes one is a woman.In MEND we discuss:

  • The CONSEQUENCES of abusive controlling behaviour
  • How to take RESPONSIBILITY for change
  • Managing ANGER
  • UNDERSTANDING and managing feelings

How do I get into MEND?