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Building safe respectful relationships


Being a father is one of life’s most important roles, but
it can be difficult. Learn new skills, find out how to
enjoy your time with your children or just connect with
other dads.

Education and training are the start
of any successful trade or career, but when it comes to
parenting most of us only have our own experience to go by.
When parenting
becomes difficult
or when relationships
between parents break down
many of us
aren’t sure where to go or what to do.
Men & Family centre is a unique service that can HELP
YOU prepare for fatherhood and parenting or improve
your skills so that you can help guide the most important
people – your children – through childhood and help them to
become happy successful adults and ENJOY it too.
We can also assist you in dealing with the pressures facing
men as fathers because our focus is specifically the needs
of men and their families.
CHECK OUT this site for our range of
courses and services or contact us if you want to know more.

Just for Dad’s

Nobody knows what its like for fathers better than
other fathers.

Dad’s and Kids Playgroup is just that –
fathers who come together and give their children the
opportunity to learn through play while connecting with
other fathers.
Its fun, its fathers, its FREE…..

Whats in it for ME?

father and sonMen
& Family Centre services, groups and courses are
made especially to meet the needs of men and their
families in our community.
You can GAIN
skills, friends and opportunities for improving your
family and personal life and there are options to suit

If you or someone you know may need assistance, support or
advice regarding family and fatherhood issues then contact
the Men & Family Centre. Or you can read more about
some of our programs.